America’s Postal Service is made up of real heroes. This is no time to let it die

The United States Postal Service is in crisis, and one person is standing in the way of its salvation: President Donald J. Trump.

President Trump, who seems to be driven by his animus for Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, continues to blame Amazon’s deliveries for the financial decline of our Postal Service. His mistaken solution has been to raise prices on consumers, and he has refused to throw a lifeline to the more than 630,000 dedicated postal employees who serve every American household and business in our country.

Rural and urban, Democrat, Republican or Independent, every one of us has come to rely on the Postal Service.

Even amid a global pandemic, these public servants continue to deliver food, prescription drugs, benefit checks and essential packages to Americans every single day. This despite the fact that more than 2,000 USPS employees have tested positive, or are presumed to have had Covid-19, and dozens of postal workers have died from symptoms related to the virus.
They are heroes and deserve our support.

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