Amazon’s Plan to Bypass the U.S. Postal Service, by the Numbers

67%: That’s how much of Amazon’s package volume the e-commerce giant delivers itself. That number was just 50% in December, and is expected to grow to 85% by the end of 2022, reports.

The number of Amazon delivery stations in the U.S. has grown to 278, a 71% increase since March, and is expected to go up to 415 by the end of the year. These delivery stations — which rely on contract drivers to pick up and deliver packages — are part of Amazon’s broader strategy to build out its own fulfillment and delivery network rather than continuing to rely on the USPS or private courier services like UPS.

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Thank God.

Amazon are assholes. They put tiny objects in huge boxes. They send multiple sprs to the same address on the same day (12 is my record). They send 5 mostly empty boxes to the same address on the same day. Our vehicles can’t hold a route of parcels because they are mostly air.

They aren’t paying reasonable or fair pricing. They are robbing the usps blind under the Obama era deal to deliver packages for almost nothing.

Hurry up and take your damn boxes back so I can do my job and fit everything!

Amazon will find out the real costs to deliver their packages on Rural Routes. There is no way in hell they can deliver it as cheap as the USPS is delivering it for them.

Amazon should be paying the same ammount for postage as you and I and all the small companies in the USA. That in itself would be a major step to saving the Post Office.

amazon was supposed to take all thier packages once the contract ran out. Started to deliver again because you can’t handle the load you have now!!
Please go away, my job was hard enough

USPS dump amazon now ! they will come begging back no way they can deliver it