Amazon says it’s time to revitalize the United States Postal Service

We think of the United States Postal Service (USPS) as our first and oldest business partner. Starting in 1994, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos would pack books in a garage in Seattle and drive them to his local post office, where he knew he could count on the USPS to deliver them.

Today, we work closely with the USPS to provide excellent service and to innovate for our customers. The USPS does not receive direct taxpayer funds. It relies on revenue from its services, including package delivery. In 2020, packages contributed nearly $11 billion in profit for the USPS. Experts and impartial regulators have consistently recognized that USPS’s partnerships with companies like Amazon are a bright spot of growth and profitability for the Postal Service, contributing billions in profits annually and helping sustain USPS’s mission to serve every address in the nation.

Despite these strong partnerships, the USPS is not without challenge. Due to burdensome funding mandates and declining letter mail, the Postal Service finds itself in a financially untenable situation: It is projected to lose $160 billion over the next 10 years, according to its own estimates.


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when amazen says nice things about you-check your wallet and then check your back and ask them to pull the knife back out..

Or see if there is a knife in your back!

You clearly lack basic reading comprehension.

Amazon is destroying this country and the postal service. What company other than the postal service would enter into a contract knowing they would lose money. We are overburdened with the bullshit trash that they are peddling and they have people hooked on it like a crack whore hooked on crack. I never have or ever will buy anything from these bastards.

USPS isn’t losing money in their contract with Amazon. They made 1.6B last year because of Amazon. There are a lot of other issues. One of which being they haven’t been allowed to raise prices to the likes of FedEx and ups.