Amazon, Retailers Send First Class Message to Lawmakers

Amazon, the National Retail Federation, and other representatives from the Package Coalition were in Washington, DC on Thursday advocating the importance of keeping 6-day and rural delivery affordable through the US Postal Service.

“Our members who engage in ecommerce rely on affordable package delivery services, six days a week,” the NRF told Senate and House staffers during panel presentations. “If the Postal Service is forced to raise prices, it will have an outsized impact on our members and the retail economy in general.”

The Package Coalition members include such retailers as Columbia Sportswear, Zappos, QVC, and Zulily.

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F. U. Amazon!!!

WOW – You beat me to it

Wow, they only want to save 6 day delivery so their precious parcels can get delivered. Forget the rest of the MAIL!

Isn’t that the truth – it’s bad enough amazon is six days a week

CORRECTION: 7 days a week

Yeah how can Amazon make billions if they have to start paying a fairer share for us to deliver their packages?!

Frankly Amazon means outright theft. They pay far too little, and so does everyone else that uses the post office. It is far too cheap.