Amazon driver accused of stealing USPS package in South City

ST. LOUIS ( — A South City resident says he couldn’t believe he was seeing an Amazon delivery driver steal a USPS package from his front step.

The resident who didn’t want to be identified says he only found out that his package was stolen because a good Samaritan returned it. That neighbor found the envelop open with small electronics in it on the ground in the 3600 block of Wyoming. And they took the package back to the homeowner’s home on Utah.

The homeowner’s surveillance video shows the Amazon driver casually placing the Amazon package down, before picking up the thin USPS package and walking off with it.


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I hate to sound cold and callous but? If you order a lot of stuff? Get a bigger mailbox. If your 3 day volume won’t fit inthe box you have? You NEED a bigger one. Stop being entitled and think about what you are exposing yourself to.