Amazon deliveries causing package pile-ups, long lines at tiny post offices


The newest winter endurance activity in this recreation-minded town hasn’t involved skis or fat bikes. It has involved patience — more patience than some can muster — while waiting for service at the local post office.

Over the Christmas holidays and still stretching into this new year, Crested Buttians have had to endure standing in line for up to two hours to pick up or send parcels. For some, that meant Christmas presents never made it under the tree; they remained stacked in the back room of an overworked and understaffed post office or had been “returned to sender” as the holiday came and went.

While the entire U.S. Postal Service struggles to keep up with budget deficits, workforce shortages, a falling interest in snail mail and a huge increase in online shopping, this historic mining town has felt that nationwide pain like a giant, localized headache. It put a damper on the Christmas holiday.

The popularity of Amazon shopping, in particular, has contributed to the bottleneck. Scads of Amazon boxes are dumped at the post office for “last-mile delivery” under a contract agreement between Amazon and the Postal Service. In the case of Crested Butte, “last-mile delivery” actually means postal patron pickup.

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The article is correct – dump all this amazon crap at the post offices. But what it does not mention, we are to short staff, we are NOT given the proper equipment to do the job, that includes vehicles big enough to haul some of the crap. The postal service doesn’t want to pay for second or third trips, pay the overtime to get amazon crap delivered. Can’t get the job done correctly with out the support of your employer. How about somebody for at least “ONCE” in postal management be honest and tell the truth

“How about somebody for at least “ONCE” in postal management be honest and tell the truth”…

Agree but THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN as you and we know all too well…
everything is a positive spin with management aka lip service.
Amazon takes precedence for parcel delivery while 1st class and priority parcels sat undelivered; ‘expected delivery date’ for those parcels were 1 to 4 days after the fact…great customer service !!

The truth? Seriously? We both know it’s not gonna happen.

Amazon representatives promised to “deprioritize” Crested Butte so that the post office would no longer be the primary point of delivery for packages – Please tell me who to bribe at Amazon for deprioritization!