Amazon (AMZN) Declares War on FedEx, UPS, USPS

Amazon is such a one-size-fits-all company that it might be hard to find a single company or industry that Amazon is not competing with. Recently, in a regulatory filing, they listed “Transportation and Logistics”companies in the list of what it views as competition, right next to “physical, e-commerce, and omnichannel retail… digital content and electronic devices, web and infrastructure computing services.”

So what does this mean?

This may seem odd, as they rely on shipping companies like USPS, UPS, and FedEx in order the ship the items that it has on its sites. However, due to the Free Shipping that they provide with Amazon Prime, they have lost upwards of 9 billion dollars in the last quarter alone. As a result, they are working in order to get their own shipping service, to at the very least supplement the expenses from shipping via other companies.

Amazon announced last year that they were working to start up their own delivery service, so that they can have more control over their company. For instance, when someone orders two-day shipping from Amazon Prime, sending those items to a third party to ship can cause problems. For instance, if something gets lost during delivery, or delivers late, it can be a burden on Amazon’s Customer Service, who feel stuck between a rock and a hard place.


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Let me get this straight – Amazon has declared WAR on the USPS – Why are we sleeping with the enemy?

Because they are providing employment for you and me?

The post office is loosing money because of amazon

Postal employees are literally killing themselves trying to deliver the huge amount of Amazon. I personally deliver over 700 per week…after Christmas! I realize we need the income from Amazon..but these boxes weigh up to 70 pounds and have no handles or straps…injuries are way up!

Had no problem with employment with the USPS before amazon – I can do without them.

I had employment just fine before Amazon came along. They are not providing employment for us. It has made my job so much harder physically since they came along paying us peanuts to deliver their crap!

As a postal employee….Uh oh

Amazon, when are you going to start delivering on your own? Afraid of loosing your subsidy from USPS??

This is a great idea. Let USPS get back to focusing on the mail. I gave up 15 years with USPS due to Amazon Prime. Managment cared more about scanning on time and making sure that package is delivered. No care for safety or how late you were out delivering. Packages became more important than the mail. Amazon start delivering in Sneads Ferry and Ill deliver for you

It is pretty sad when you are told done worry about the DPS, make sure all the amazon parcels are delivered. Management is worry about nothing but kissing Jeffrey’s butt.


They made their bed and they can sleep in it. They offered the contracts to usps fedex and ups and need to pull up their big company pants and deal with it.

I hate the amazon’s oversized package, they will only give us oversized package!cause these packages, my low-back and ankle suffered serious damage.

I say deliver your own damn packages Amazon! I had to go out and buy a mini-van to fit all your parcels in!