Amazing One of the Four Oldest Post Offices Still Operating is Right Here in New Jersey

Looking at “postal” history here in America it started back in 1775. According to the United States Postal Service “In the case of the original 13 states, July 26, 1775, is considered to be the establishment date. On that date, Benjamin Franklin was appointed the first American Postmaster General under the Continental Congress.”

Here in New Jersey July 26th, 1775, post offices opened in Elizabeth (originally “Elizabethtown”), Newark, New Brunswick, Princeton, Trenton, and Woodbridge.

Another part of postal history here in America is right in Southern New Jersey in the Historic Village of Batsto. Batsto is located in the Wharton State Forest in Burlington County. The historic fact is that the post office at Batsto is one of the oldest “four” that are still operating in the United States.


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