Alabama home builders pushing to change USPS centralized delivery mandate

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) – Alabama home builders are continuing efforts to preserve home mail delivery. These efforts are in response to the United States Postal Service’s mandate requiring mail delivery to cluster mailbox units in new residential developments and commercial developments.

In one east Montgomery subdivision you won’t find a single curbside mailbox. Instead a USPS worker delivers mail to a cluster box unit. A method resident Cori Noble says is inconvenient.

“It is aggravating. I have to walk behind these houses and check my mailbox. I want a mailbox in my yard,” said Noble.

It is also raising red flags for homebuilders.

“We can’t think of any good reason to stop door-to-door delivery,” said Alabama Home Builders Association President David Lisenby.

Lisenby says this mandate by the USPS requires centralized delivery in new residential developments, adding what he calls “unnecessary expenses” for the developer.

“It is up to a developer to find space for it, allocate resources for it, parking for it lighting for it,” said Lisenby.


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Postal Service needs to make changes to make daily delivery efficient and financially viable centralized delivery is best option