After Half A Century of Postal Service, San Jose carrier hangs up his satchel

SAN JOSE, CA — Fifty years ago the Beatles were changing the world, the first ever Earth Day was launched and for letter carrier Peter Licon so was a Postal Career. On Friday, February 21, 2020, his five decades of service will be celebrated at the San Jose Hillview Station when Licon hangs up his satchel and starts his new journey.

He won’t leave without a party though. His friends, coworkers and family plan to gather at the Hillview Station Post Office, 2450 Alvin Ave., San Jose, CA 95122 on Friday, February 21, 2020, at 8 a.m., to give him a proper send off.

Licon’s appointed rounds have been marked by many achievements and a few nips by dogs over the course of his career. One notable accomplishment is his status as a Million Mile driver, which means he has driven a million miles without even a fender-bender after logging more than a million miles delivering the mail. He has driven the equivalent of 40 times around the globe, all without leaving the city limits.

He states that he will miss the customers he has met and grown to know along his route as well as his fellow carriers.

Licon is looking forward to spending his retirement with his family and grandchildren, and getting mail in his mailbox instead of delivering it.

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This is the type of employee who keeps this place afloat…not your Maggie Brennan types who were IOD, then kissed ass into a management position because they couldn’t hack it on the streets… Maggie couldn’t hold this guy’s jock strap.