A Year After A Postal Worker Crashed Into Their Car, West Garfield Park Couple Still Waiting For USPS To Pay For Their Damages

CHICAGO (CBS) — It was caught on camera: a postal worker damaged a car on the West Side, and simply drove away. One year later, the owners of the car still haven’t been reimbursed, so they turned to the Morning Insiders for help.

CBS 2’s Jim Williams reports it was bad enough that a postal worker jut tossed a package at Vera and Donald Rideaux’s front porch in West Garfield Park.

“Didn’t ring bell, just threw it up there,” Don said.

What that postal worker did next was worse, captured by the Rideaux’s home security camera.

As the postal worker pulled away, he hit the couple’s van, “and he kept backing the truck up, back and forth, back and forth, pulling my car at the same time.”

The postal worker surely saw the damage when he got of his truck.

“He looked at the car. He looked up the street. He got back in it and he drove off,” Vera said.

The postal worker just left, so the couple’s grandson got in his car and caught up with the worker a block away. His reply?

“He tells us ‘do what you got to do,’ and he goes on about his business,” Don said.

“’My grandmother has you on camera.’ He says, ‘Oh yeah, well, do what you got to do,’” Vera said.


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(1) The police should have issued the carrier a ticket for leaving the scene of an accident. If he didn’t pay it then his license would be suspended.
(2) If the carrier didn’t report it to his supervisor, then he should be reprimanded or even fired.
(3) Since the Postal Service or the carrier hasn’t paid for the damages, they both should be sued for the damages.