A USPS of the Woolworths era tries to compete in the age of Amazon

Supposed you wanted to take your vaccinated self for a stylish visit to Anchorage. The round trip airfare would set you back about $2,500.

To mail to Alaska a letter you wrote on vellum in blue-black ink with your fountain pen? That would cost 55 cents, the current price of a first class stamp.

Now the Postal Service proposes loosening the delivery standards for first-class mail — the letter on which you spent 55 cents in postage might take two or three days to get there. And to hear some of the reaction in Congress, you’d think USPS was proposing a return to the Pony Express.

Go head, then, have FedEx send your letter overnight. That’ll cost you $18, or 32 times the cost of the stamp.

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