A Trump Pick To Oversee The Postal Service Has Extensive Ties To A USPS Contractor

One of President Donald Trump’s newest appointees to the board overseeing the U.S. Postal Service has extensive business ties to a global investment firm that rents giant warehouses to the USPS and to most of its top competitors.

The appointee, William Zollars, joined the USPS Board of Governors in June after he was confirmed by the Senate, while still sitting on the board of the logistics giant Prologis. Prologis financial documents dated this spring show that Zollars has been compensated with thousands of shares of stock worth a total of more than $1 million, and that he has options to purchase thousands more shares in the coming years.

It is a potential conflict of interest that raises alarms about the ultimate goals of those overseeing the disastrous overhaul of the USPS.

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Another crupt buddy put into place. Good work Don the Con.