A SC mail carrier was gunned down on the job. A suspect’s in custody, but questions linger.

ANDREWS — She was 64, with short hair and a warm smile. Her daily visits were reliable, often to the minute. Letters and packages for longtime neighbors. Fruit and cookies for dad. Her Jeep Liberty rumbling on the rough road she knew so well. The same road where she was killed.

Irene Pressley’s mail route in this rural town took her through neighborhoods where generations of the same family live close by. It’s the area where she grew up; where she worshipped and raised a family. It’s a place where people sit in front of their homes, waving at cars that pass by.

Last month, authorities say, Pressley was shot multiple times, at an intersection of two roads she drove every workday. It happened in the middle of the afternoon, five hours into her roughly 70-mile daily ride.

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