A retirement community of postal workers has a message to deliver to Trump: Trust the mail

NALCREST, Fla. — When somebody criticizes the integrity of the U.S. Postal Service, Tom Lilja and his neighbors take it personally.

Their Florida community is inhabited exclusively by some 500 retired letter carriers and their spouses. And that’s how it has been since Nalcrest — an acronym for National Association of Letter Carriers Retirement, Education, Security and Training — opened in 1964 about an hour south of Orlando.

President Trump’s efforts to block Postal Service funding and the agency’s moves slowing mail delivery in the run-up to the November election have drawn extra-close attention here. So has Louis DeJoy, the postmaster general Trump appointed this year who testified before Congress twice in the past week and has pledged not to implement his cost-costing plans until after the election.

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