A Philly postal worker accepted kickbacks as part of a plot to steal thousands of dollars in gasoline

A former U.S. Postal Service employee in Philadelphia admitted Monday to helping a coconspirator pilfer almost $18,000 in gasoline using stolen government fuel cards.

Shaquana D. Ackridge, 24, told a federal judge she agreed to steal the cards and personal identification numbers assigned to mail carriers across the city in exchange for monthly kickbacks of $160.

Investigators discovered the plot after her codefendant — Dejuan K. Michaels, 26, who is not a government employee — tried to recruit another mail carrier at a North Philadelphia gas station in November. He flashed one of the stolen cards, saying he “was federal” and was just trying to make some money, according to court documents filed in his case.

Suspicious, that mail carrier took down Michaels’ phone number and then reported him to federal agents. They traced the number and discovered he had used Postal Service cards at least 234 times between October 2018 and April to purchase gas for private vehicles.

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How in the hell were these clowns allowed to steal 18,000 dollars in gas cards and nobody in management blinked an eye???…no telling how long this would have gone on if not for the suspicious carrier….18,000 dollars of stolen gas cards and postal management was none the wiser….you can’t make this crap up!!!

yup,yet my honestly earned overtime is why we are going broke.according to mgmt.