A month after the holidays, some people are still getting Christmas packages in the mail

It’s nearly February, and holiday packages and cards are still making their way to peoples’ doorsteps. The reason for all these delays? Like so much right now, the pandemic is partially to blame.

Americans took to online holiday shopping in record numbers, which inundated the system with what the USPS says is a “historic volume” of mail and packages. As a result, parcels, cards and other pieces of mail are sometimes taking more than a month to reach its destination. The USPS has so far delivered more than 1.1 billion packages mailed during the holiday season, a record number, it told CNN.
But at the same time, the Postal Service is facing other issues. More than 39,000 employees out of 644,000 have tested positive for Covid-19, a spokesperson for USPS told CNN, representing about 6% of its workforce.
ShipMatrix, a shipping operations software company, found that hundreds of thousands of parcels experienced delays of at least several days, with some taking even longer.

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