A Major Postal Recovery Effort Is Critical for Success

We live and work in no ordinary time. Historically, the March issue of The Postal Supervisor would herald the month’s Legislative Training Seminar, during which hundreds of NAPS members would travel to Washington, DC, familiarize themselves with the year’s policy priorities and ascend Capitol Hill to promote our legislative agenda.

The COVID-19 pandemic, combined with the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, has altered the contour of our legislative messaging—but not the message itself. NAPS members must continue to communicate with their elected federal policymakers to advocate for improved operational and compensatory conditions under which supervisors, managers and postmasters deliver high-quality postal services for our nation.

The fundamental guiding dual-principle for NAPS’ legislative advocacy is fairness for our members and quality for our customers. In this construct, in 2021, NAPS will be revising our efforts to enact legislation to improve, modernize and create a fair process by which the compensation of EAS-level postal employees is determined. This battle is particularly timely as NAPS begins the next consultative process.

In addition, NAPS will redouble its efforts to enact legislation to provide EAS employees who currently are denied access to the Merit Systems Protection Board with their rightful due-process rights. It is noteworthy that EAS postal employees are not afforded the same whistleblower protections as provided other federal employees.

This omission can impair the ability of postal managers and supervisors to provide accurate and timely operational information to members of Congress. With whistleblower protections, such employees could be safe from retaliation by USPS upper-management for sharing such information. NAPS is working with our postal allies from both political parties in pursuit of fairness and protection for EAS postal personnel.

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