A former CCA can pursue her claim that the USPS failed to reasonably accommodate her diabetes

Due to the high heat, Ocampo began to feel sick. Ocampo contacted Baldwin and asked him if she could return to the office for a break to get cool air. Baldwin refused the request and told Ocampo to find shade under a tree and “keep it moving.”  Ocampo had at this point already tried to take short breaks under shaded trees; this did not improve her condition. After about another hour, Ocampo returned to the office to take a break in an air-conditioned environment. After about twenty minutes in the air conditioning, Ocampo returned to her walking route and completed her work assignment for the day without feeling ill.

Ocampo alleges that during the meeting, Taylor told her that she had to work seven days a week, eleven and a half to twelve hours per day and Griffin remarked that if he had known Ocampo was sick, she would not have been hired.  Jeffries claimed that Ocampo had effectively resigned on August 31, after not reporting for work. Ocampo expressed during the meeting that she felt she was being forced to resign.



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The Post Office needs to be reformed. CCAs being forced to work 7 days a week for months violates labor laws. It’s sad when a government agency is ran like a 3rd world sweat shop.