A Ban on Mail Order Chicks?

New York legislators are considering a bill that would prohibit shipping live animals within the state.

In the current version of the bill, each animal shipped would be counted as a separate offense—each punishable by a civil penalty of up to $1,000. That bill was referred to the agriculture committee where it seems unlikely to make much progress as written. This is because the USPS is a federal agency regulated by the constitution and, therefore, state bans can’t override federal law, says Kimberly Frum, a postal service spokesperson.

Since news of  the bill started spreading through farming, hatchery and backyard chicken committees, lawmakers have heard from many businesses and individuals who are concerned about how a ban on shipping chicks could affect them. Catherine Raleigh-Boylan, a co-owner of Raleigh’s Poultry Farm in Kings Park, New York, says not having access to day-old chicks would affect her business drastically.


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How about all the live ammo, booze & overweight packages that get broken open every other day. If it fits… It ships. Put that 70 lbs of bullet casings with a piece of scotch tape. It will get there…in pieces.