91-year-old mailman retires after 69 years with perfect record

RICHFIELD, Utah (ABC4 News) – A 91-year-old Richfield mailman is retiring with a perfect record after more than 69 years.

Jack Lund started in 1949 and has had a career spanning eight decades. During that time, he never failed to deliver the mail despite severe mountain weather, vehicle breakdowns, and other challenges.

Richfield-area postal employees who have worked with Lund for years report he’s not only reliable, he also conducts himself with the utmost honesty and integrity and has done it all with a smile.

A ceremony was held in his honor on Wednesday where he was presented with a U.S. Flag, special postal artwork and a letter of thanks and commendation.

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Go enjoy your retirement. I’ll never work past 70.

I won’t work past 62…
and there are carriers retiring before me who are younger !

While I commend his hard work and dedication to his job, why work until your 91??? Retire when you can retire and let another young person have the job. There’s more to life than just working until you drop.

I literally made an account just to comment, there’s actually several studies that link having a job slash purpose to living a longer live, for example in Japan most elderly people live with their children and help take care of their grandchildren. Let’s say he is a union worker and get steady raises every year he could have been making an insane amount of money enough to fund any & everything he wanted to do stuff that he otherwise could not have done had he retired earlier, to top it off if it’s something he actually enjoy doing hell why… Read more »

I’m glad your done, hope you I joy some time for your self, I retired in July last year, I was was the oldest in our office at 71!!