9-year-old decides to help mail carriers by providing cold drinks all summer long

A 9-year-old girl in Illinois decided to help her mail carrier after seeing him having a particularly rough day of work during brutal heat.

Lydia Ziegler and her grandmother, Dawn Ziegler, got the idea to put together a cooler full of drinks and snacks for their mailman.

“One day, we looked out there and (saw) him in his truck, and he was just drowned with a towel,” Dawn Ziegler said. “So, we were like, let’s power it up a little bit.”

Most days during the week, Lydia and her grandmother pack up the cooler in the kitchen. Once it’s ready, Lydia will set it on the porch for when the mailman comes, along with a note.

“It’ll say ‘enjoy’ or something, and if it has the same note as before, he’ll know I’m not here,” Lydia said, explaining those are the days her grandmother is the substitute.

Lydia has been consistent with her good deed all summer, but she likes to remain anonymous.

“They know I leave the stuff out. They don’t actually know me in person,” Lydia said.

She leaves a cooler out at her grandmother’s house, her own house and her other grandparents’ home. After time passed, she began to receive some recognition of her own.

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