8 Albuquerque postal workers robbed at gunpoint since October

Federal investigators say letter carriers across the country have been robbed at gunpoint, but the number of cases in Albuquerque is extremely high and alarming.

“Between mid-October and this week there have been a reported eight armed robberies of letter carriers,” said Postal Inspector Brook Robinson.

Federal investigators are releasing photos of cars they believe were used in some of those armed robberies of letter carriers.

“When something like this happens it’s devastating to them and their families, especially during this difficult time and during the holidays,” Robinson said.

He said it’s not just devastating and traumatic to the letter carries held up at gunpoint: Investigators say a lot of you are counting on mail to get gifts, checks and medication.

This isn’t the first time a postal employee has been a victim of a violent crime in the city. Police say that in 2019, Jose Hernandez was gunned down on his mail route after he tried to break up a fight between a mother and son.

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