75 Glendale, WI voters’ mailed-in ballots do not count, mayor points to the post office for the delay

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“They played by the rules and did exactly what was instructed by the Wisconsin Election Commission and under state law…now their vote is not going to count,” said Glendale Mayor Brian Kennedy.

GLENDALE, Wis. — The City of Glendale sees dozens of absentee-by-mail ballots come in after the deadline even though they were mailed weeks ago. None of those votes can be counted.

All 75 ballots mailed in by Glendale voters will not count. It has Glendale Mayor Brian Kennedy upset.

“Don’t disenfranchise 75 voters in a low turnout election,” said Kennedy.

He says while those 75 votes would not change the outcome of any race in this election, he worries about the upcoming spring election in April.

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