5G … at the Post Office?

Across the country, Americans are starting to reap the benefits of lightning-fast 5G services. Rural, unserved users stand to benefit the most from the “latest and greatest” generation of mobile connectivity standards, since 5G services are significantly faster than 4G and the deployment only requires a pizza box-sized small cell deployment to operate.

In order to help speed up deployment, the United States Postal Service (USPS) may be offering up its facilities as 5G deployment sites, allowing internet providers an alternative to the onerous attachment regulations and fees imposed by many localities. While this arrangement could speed up deployment and even improve the USPS’ abysmal finances, the struggling agency must be careful to avoid venturing too far into the telecommunications space. The USPS can help America get connected to fast, reliable internet, but only if it knows its limits.

The possibility of 5G wireless at the post office may soon become a reality. The USPS’ inspector general (IG) contemplated this idea in a September 14 report, noting that the agency’s vast infrastructure could do double-duty as a digital support system.

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