4 News Now investigation reveals allegations US Postal Service prioritizes Amazon deliveries over worker safety

Local mail carriers say the existing operation puts their health at risk. They say USPS’ true priority is a company you might think to be their competitor, but is actually a major client: Amazon.

Piles and piles of Amazon packages nearly touch the ceiling in the Deer Park and Cheney post offices. Current employees, who wished to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation, are being told to move mountains of mail.

“We have a threshold in the office and Amazon doesn’t adhere to that at all,” one employee said. “We’re supposed to get three pallets, and we’ve gotten 14 pallets some days from them. It’s the bullying and the way that they just keep on you and keep on you to just do more, do more, do more.”

“We’ve been expanding, hiring, hiring, hiring. We’re doing everything we can to hire to the work. It’s obvious that we need more people and we continue to hire,” said David Rupert, Manager of WestPac Area Corporate Communications for USPS.

Rueprt says USPS is growing, expanding and morphing as the marketplace changes.

The marketplace now includes competitors like FedEx, UPS and Amazon. The same Amazon that is a client of the Postal Service and that employees say has created their tipping point.

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Durrrr…any postal worker could have told you that

We carrier’s have been ordered to stay out until the route is delivered. If we return after as much as working 14 hours, we are being charged leave for the day because we didn’t complete route. Black ice, darkness, other dangerous conditions don’t matter to Postal management. Amazon is being given absolute priority over other shippers parcels. I have witnessed Priority parcels pushed aside for as many as 3 days to clear Amazon first.

We have been told to stop delivering the mail and just just deliver amazon packages after 12 hrs

They think we are robots and we all work for free at least 10 hours a week. They have no conscious, Prime doesn’t either.

Amazon controls the po now… it’s ridiculous the time differences from when the po has Amazon and when they don’t…

This article is 100% correct. Since Amazon I have trouble with my shoulder, back, elbow and wrist. They want us to push the packages and not worry about the mail. We have to stay out late to deliver packages.

We are building up the company who will sold the post office and then they will control the economy what ever happened to breaking these companies up anti trust laws or do they already own the government

Maybe they shouldn’t of fired the disabled who were actually contributing to the processing and del. Of mail.the nrp has not been settled even though post office lost its final appeal back in 2019.we were forced out with no way of supporting our selves but we’re protected by the 1973 disability act and where is or was the unions on this . That’s right they were in on 130,000 employees loseing there accommodations.after June 2011 my work place injuries were no longer recognized by the post office and I was forced out.waiting for our settlements due to