3 business lessons from the surprisingly tech-savvy U.S. Postal Service

A startup founder who has worked with the USPS for years explains why the agency is such an “undercover tech leader.”

The next time you hear “snail mail,” think about this: every day, the United States Postal Service (USPS) processes and delivers 181.9 million pieces of mail (5,464 a second) and manages an army of 82,000 mail carriers while processing about 118,000 address changes. Though it’s come under fire from our government’s highest offices and had its long-term viability called into question, the USPS is actually an undercover tech leader, managing colossal digital and physical infrastructure and reliably serving a populace with ever-increasing expectations for convenience. Hurting the USPS is bad for consumers and hobbles an entire field of innovators in marketing, compliance, data, IoT, and more.

As the cofounder of a startup that’s worked closely with the USPS for more than seven years, I’ve seen firsthand there is much that tech and legacy companies could stand to learn from the agency—as opposed to the other way around.

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