20 years after a white supremacist killed a Chatsworth postal worker, his family is fed up with inaction

Two decades haven’t erased a family’s horror and pain of losing a letter carrier shot and killed by a white supremacist who had just terrorized young Jewish children in Granada Hills an hour before.

Joseph Santo Ileto, 39, was delivering mail in Chatsworth when he encountered Buford O. Furrow, Jr., a member of the Aryan nation, who had just sprayed bullets on the North Valley Jewish Community Center in nearby Granada Hills with a semi-automatic weapon, wounding three children, a teen counselor and an officer worker while 250 children played outside. Illeto would be his next victim — this time fatal.

On Saturday morning, an estimated 100 relatives of Ileto, along with family and supporters of those at the community center, local politicians and postal workers gathered at the Chatsworth post office on Devonshire Street where Ileto worked to memorialize the tragic anniversary. They spoke of the scars from that day 20 years ago, and the stories of moving on with life after living surviving a gunman’s terror.


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