2 Men Sentenced For Bribing Mail Carriers To Steal Credit Cards

NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — Two New Jersey men who bribed postal workers to steal credit cards from the mail are now headed to prison. Olagoke Araromi received a 61-month sentence on Tuesday, while Moussa Dagno got a 57-month term.

Olagoke also must pay $87,503 in restitution, while Araromi must pay $84,573.

Both men had pleaded guilty to bribery, bank fraud and aggravated identity theft.

Federal prosecutors say Araromi, a Union Township resident, and Dagno, of Harrison, recruited at least six letter carriers and postal service employees to steal credit cards from the mail in exchange for cash bribes, usually $100 per stolen card.

Once Araromi had the stolen cards and activated them, prosecutors say he and Dagno used them to buy high-end electronics and clothing at retail stores throughout the state.


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Curious, what happened to the carriers who excepted the bribes? Still working at USPS I imagine.