Gilroy postal worker fired after family member dies of coronavirus

GILROY, Calif. – A South Bay woman believes she was fired from her job with the postal service because her family member died of COVID-19.

“I really enjoy it, you know. I had a lot of fun… you know meeting new people and learning about the system,” said Ria Silva, who goes by the name, Jaz.

But a month into a new job at the U.S. Post office location in Gilroy came to a sudden and abrupt end back in March when she was called into her supervisor’s office.

“Basically he was like who’s this? And I said it’s my wife, why? And then he showed me the article,” Silva describes.

The article, Silva recalls, featured her wife, Stacey talking about losing her father, Gary Young, to COVID-19 days before her encounter with her supervisor.

Silva says her manager sent her home and later that day was contacted by a nurse, who evaluated her for symptoms.

She says despite none being found, she was fired a week later even though she’d never had previous issues at work such as a warning or a write-up.

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U will win your case u just have to wait them out yes when u go back they will try to make u quit put camera in your vehicle they will flatten your tires scratch vehicle that’s just the beginning of what they do at our office they will stand near u and talk all kinds of terrible stuff and then say oh we were just talking about a tv show she’s crazy be tough they have been putting me thru he’ll for fifteen years and I’m not going anywhere

You got this case won, hands down, and go for all you can get from the idiots!

I think she will win her case also and I also agree with her about her sexual orientation played a role in the firing.

Is their no justice in the post office. I received an I & I yesterday over an incident where I took a photo after observing two mail handlers not wearing any mask whatsoever, then when I mention it to the dock supervisor and showed him the photo as proof, however I’m the employee who is told to leave the property. The reason I pushed the policy so hard is because I am more susceptible to getting this disease do to my medical issues. I had filed several 1767s and nothing was ever done. This went on for 2 months before… Read more »

The Media and OSHA. It’s mandatory to wear a mask. A few people have been written up at our plant and management does deal with them.

Not the Las Vegas PD&C Their are several postal mail handlers who were caught and nothing is ever said’ because when management themselves don’t follow postal policy about wearing the mask who’s going to enforce it. Only the folks who report it are either sent home or written up for it.

Hope this person follows up w\the union!!!
She’s DEFINITELY got a WIN here!!!