USPS halts mail service to Sparks neighborhood for more than 3 weeks due to pest problem

Homeowners on Miranda Court in Sparks are furious that mail hasn’t been delivered to their mailboxes for nearly a month.

Homeowner Frank Cancemi tells News 4- Fox 11 that he checks his mail every day. He noticed that his mail service stopped on April 20th.

He went to his local post office a few days later, which is about 20 minutes away, to find out why he stopped receiving mail.

A supervisor told him that the carrier had complained about wasps at the mailboxes, so they stopped delivering.

USPS Response

A USPS spokesman said maintenance was sent out to follow up on the issue and found a swarm of wasps at the cluster box. He did not have the exact date, but tells News 4- Fox 11 that he is looking into it.

The spokesman also said a supervisor was sent out last week and on Tuesday to check for wasps. None were found either time.

In an email to News 4-Fox 11, the spokesman apologized to homeowners for the delay in fixing the problem.

We investigated the cluster box this afternoon and determined it to be safe for delivery. Mail service will be resumed immediately. We apologize for the delay in resolving this issue.


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