16 states, D.C., climate activists sue USPS to block truck purchase

Sixteen states, the District of Columbia and environmental activist groups are suing the U.S. Postal Service to block its purchase of 148,000 gas-guzzling delivery trucks over the next decade, alleging the agency has vastly underestimated the vehicles’ costs and adverse ecological impact.

The suits brought by the state attorneys general, Earthjustice and the Natural Resources Defense Council contend that the mail service relied on faulty assumptions and miscalculations to justify spending as much as $11.3 billion on gas-powered vehicles that get 8.6 mpg, which is only incrementally better than the 30-year-old vehicles now in use.

Postal officials hoped the truck procurement would go smoothly and signal that the mail agency was evolving to meet new business opportunities and joust with its private-sector rivals. But the agency’s purchase plan would have only 10 percent of the new fleet dedicated to electric power, well below benchmarks set by FedEx, UPS and Amazon.

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More and more politicians, special interest groups, and others are showing just how much they don’t care about carriers by actions such as this. The LLV’s are deathtraps with many carriers having been killed in them. But these people don’t care. The manufacturing process for the EV batteries is extremely damaging to the environment, but it’s OK as long as it’s the damage is in other countries. And just where is the electricity to power recharge them all going to come from? The LLV’s currently only have marginally functional or nonfunctional pollution controls, so the longer it’s delayed the longer… Read more »

Please this purchase can not be delayed any longer mail carriers are desperate for safe trucks with air conditioning my feet have been cooked by the exhaust that is directly under my feet start building trucks now these people have no authority to stop any thing

Poor baby, your feet hurt. Man up and get that Amazon delivered now!! You wimpy carrier’s complain about the heat, what about me sitting at my desk all day( except for the 30-40 times I go smoke a day) watching the phone ring?? Poor babies making $75/hour whining about hot feet! Give me a break!!