Mon. Apr 15th, 2024

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  1. USPS OIG – Mail Conditions at South Houston Local Processing Center During our site visit from January 28 to 30, 2024, we identified deficiencies that affected the efficiency of operations at the South Houston LPC. Specifically, we found delayed mail awaiting processing; delayed mail awaiting dispatch; facility conditions with safety, security, and maintenance concerns; and a lack of communication with stakeholders.
  2. Mail service issues in the news – 04/10/24 Mail service issues are in the news every day.  Below are the latest articles I found
  3. ‘Managing Workplace Conflict’ Postal Service employees may participate in an upcoming webinar on ways to handle any conflicts in their work environment.
  4. The Forever Stamp is forever rising in price. How does the U.S. cost… The cost of a Forever postage stamp is poised to rise in July, under a U.S. Postal Service plan to boost the price of the first-class stamp to 73 cents from the current 68 cents — a price that was just raised in January.
  5. We’re Not Sure Why The USPS Ordered Six Vans From EV Startup Canoo The USPS placed an order for six right-hand-drive versions of the Lifestyle Delivery Vehicle 190 – an extended variant of its electric van with an enclosed rear cargo hold. Yes, just six vehicles.
  6. Amazon plans to get rid of its signature brown boxes to save the environment The U.S. goes through enough cardboard boxes in a year to pave a mile-wide road from Charlotte to Los Angeles three times over. Amazon is hoping to fix that.
  7. ‘They’ve lost control of the process’ | Postal… And he called the current level of breakdowns he's seen and heard about "unprecedented." "I've never, ever seen service this poor in my entire career," he said. "Never."
  8. Momentum for Open Bargaining Grows in the Letter Carriers Letter carriers are angry, and like workers everywhere, are dealing with a cost-of-living crisis. Starting pay is $19.33 an hour for new hires, classified as City Carrier Assistants (CCAs), who do not receive the benefits of career employees for up to two years.
  9. Atlanta RPDC crashes on launch The Postal Service said it would learn from its mistakes and the next RPDC rollouts would go more smoothly. Another RPDC opened a few weeks ago in Atlanta. The mail delays have been worse than in Richmond, much worse.
  10. FedEx’s network poised for a shakeup after US Postal Service split Daytime flight operations and pilot staffing are likely targets for reductions once the air transportation contract expires in September, experts say.
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